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Your customer relationship must evolve along with the needs of your customers. Today’s new generation of consumers expects immediate and accurate answers. That’s where WhatsApp for Business comes in.

What is WhatsApp for Business? 

Here are the main features:

Your Business profile: It contains useful information about your company. You can publish a description, a catalog, an address, timetables and a link to your website, etc. 


  • Organize your contacts: You can segment your customers and their conversations using tags. This way you can make nice mailing lists. 

  • Quick replies: You can save the answers to your customers’ most frequently asked questions in your settings and answer them with a single click!

What are the benefits of WhatsApp for Business?

  • WhatsApp is deeply rooted in the daily habits of your customers. The majority of your customers open their WhatsApp several times a day. 
  • The open rate on WhatsApp is much higher than e-mail. In fact, the email application has an opening rate of 98% compared to only 20% for email.
  • Instantaneity! The customer wants a relevant answer right away. WhatsApp enables very fluid and instant communication with your contacts. This immediacy will increase your conversion rate and increase customer engagement.
  • The application is very human since it is one of your agents who responds to requests. It authenticates and humanizes the communication between your company and your customers.

Using Whatsapp Business is good, but in an omnichannel environment, and professional is even better! Let us show you how Nixxis Digital will revolutionize the way you communicate with your customers.

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