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The 5 major trends in contact center technology in 2022

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Since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic, contact centres have experienced strong trends toward a teleworking model (long term 50% of all agents would be working from home) and at the same time an incredible boost required in capacity together with an ever-increased demand for service levels.

Corporation realize that investing in their contact centre might be the best way to differentiate and give their brand a personal touch while still keep up with economic efficiency. Of course, the best way to get there is to invest in the right technologies. We will try here to give you a glimpse on where things might be heading for the contact centre world in 2022 and beyond.

Full steam ahead on Social Media’s

We’ve all used Facebook livestreams in the beginning of the pandemic in order to stay connected with our friends. Today it’s close to 60% of the planet that is connected on some social network of some kind. This gives a real opportunity to companies to keep up with their customers and delivers a real differentiating experience as channels for customer service. At last, you can now have two-way conversations with your customers, respond to their complaints and post proactive notifications, enabling your customers to reach you from where they are and the message that they want.

Voice-Bots are there to stay

Even as digital media’s find their way in the customer interaction space, there is still clear customer preference for voice conversation (voice calls still represent 70% of all conversations in volume). But as, according to Google, 28% of the global online population uses voice to search on mobile, talking to a robot of some kind (Siri or another), we believe that traditional text-based chatbots will give way to smart voice bots or in other word, chatbots s powered by voice recognition. It will start with “Welcome bots” that are voice activated evolution of the good old IVR and continue with “Processing bots” able to handle customer request end to end. All this combined with predictive speech analytics to be able to identify customer service opportunities and deliver an improved experience.

Voice Analytics and beyond

With today’s digital interaction, it is quite easy for a company to get a rather good view on their customer segmentation and collect data during the digital customer journey with a company. You can then tap this data to determine customer patterns to better target your value proposition and improve your relationship with your customers. The contact centre voice interaction has always been kept separately from this equation but today this can be integrated right away. Artificial intelligence can help predict and draw insights from end-to-end customer data to track and personalize your ideal customer journey with the ultimate goal of boosting your brand loyalty.

End to End Quality Control

It’s a secret for nobody that only 1 to 3% of all calls in a conversation are being actively listened, recorded and used for coaching. But with today’s machine learning, computer can be trained to define if a conversation with a customer was managed properly and recognize the embedded emotions in language to determine the customer’s mood. This means that 100% of all the contact centres conversations can now be processed by machines and their feedback can be used to understand a customer’s experience with a product or service and uncover any weak links that cause negative customer reactions, with the ultimate goals of properly coaching the representative and improve relationships with your customers.

Gamification to make it fun

Even as robots (chatbots, voicebots or process automation bots) are helping for a great part in managing up to 30% of all customer interactions, humans are still the key factor in great customer experience. New generation of agent (millennials) are used to spend a considerable amount of their time on various e-gaming platforms. So, bringing the game logic in the contact centre area can help you boost your agent motivation by more than 20% and lower your churn by more than 30%. Gamification brings rewards for good behaviours and overall, your customers can feel the difference and your brand loyalty will get even better.

Imagine tomorrow

There is no 21st century business leader that acknowledges that call centres must be a core part of any organization’s customer service strategy. Business should recognize that investing in the right call centre technologies can help thrive and differentiate. More than 60% of support leaders indicate their will to increase their spend in these new technologies in the coming year. You can still choose between social media presence, voicebots, advanced voice analytics, 100%% quality control or gamification but the important thing is that you put your best foot forward toward the incredible digital transformation that will contribute to the success of your business.