Your new GenAI conversational assistant!

Dialogg.ai is a generative AI that combines the best of ChatGPT and the expertise of Nixxis to create an intelligent tool dedicated to customer services.

Your new GenAI
conversational assistant!

Dialogg.ai is a generative AI that combines the best of ChatGPT and the expertise of Nixxis to create an intelligent tool dedicated to customer services.


Features in detail

Automatically converts speech from conversations to text.

Analyzes the agent’s comments to define the best possible action.

Proposes alternative answers to objections, questions, etc.

Generates a sentence summarizing the conversation.

Evaluate the emotional tone of the conversation and the satisfaction rate.

Automatically assigns tags to conversations based on predefined criteria

dialogg.ai addresses 3 issues

Too long a wait

Customers wait tens of minutes to get a simple response to their request. It’s even worse outside of office hours.

A loss of efficiency

The first call resolution rate (FCR) is generally too low and requires a large number of calls to get feedback from the contact.

Customer dissatisfaction

Current customer service still generates too much customer dissatisfaction (high churn rate, bad reputation, etc.).


A waste of time and motivation...

80% of responses to repetitive questions are done by your agents using standard scripts and manual “copy and paste”, which makes them look like robots.

Give them the tool they need to position them on actions with high added value!

With dialogg.ai, combine a powerful algorithm and fair use of data

What does include
dialogg.ai solution?

  • Automatically converts speech from conversations to text, making it easier to analyze and search for specific keywords or phrases.
  • Archives and indexes conversations for easy searching later. Analyzes textual content for trends or keywords.
  • Adds conversations to customer CRM information and thus adapts marketing messages used on other media.
  • Generates a sentence summarizing the gist of the conversation, providing a quick overview.
  • If necessary, can generate a sentence, paragraph or list of points.
  • Quickly identifies the main topic of the conversation, allowing agents to obtain key information without going through the entire recording.
  • Analyzes the commitments made by the agent or the client and proposes the best action to take next.
  • If the agent promises to call the customer back, the system suggests creating a follow-up task to ensure the promise is kept.
  • The task(s) are found in the client’s CRM and are monitored for their level of execution.
  • Evaluates the emotional tone of the conversation, allowing you to understand and estimate the customer’s level of satisfaction.
  • Identifies negative interactions for immediate intervention.
  • Predict NPS based on overall customer sentiment.
  • Automatically answers frequently asked questions or provides basic information on a wide range of topics.
  • Offers personalized support based on user needs and preferences. It can learn from past interactions to adapt and provide more accurate and relevant responses over time.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other services and applications to accomplish tasks without requiring human intervention.
  • Automatically assigns tags or labels to conversations based on certain predefined criteria.
  • Automatically flags conversations related to specific issues, enabling proactive management of recurring issues.
  • Allows you to detect the emergence of any new or specific problem, prioritize them and remedy them before a media tsunami takes hold.

Nixxis AI in 7 steps


Hosting on Azure ISO27001 infra with data encryption and maximum compliance with regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.).


Definition of platforms to integrate: Web, Mobile, Social...
Our APIs and SDKs reduce implementation costs.


Sensitive user data is anonymized or deleted before transmitting initial training data to the AI.


The AI ​​model is trained to recognize its limitations and ask users for clarification.


The AI ​​transfers requests that it considers too complex to human agents.


AI ensures the relevance and accuracy of content generated by complementary human review.


The initial configuration and an adaptation of the script are planned to ensure the continuous updating of the AI.

From Eisenhower to AI'senhower

Inspired by the famous Eisenhower matrix, dialogg.ai greatly facilitates the work of advisors by effectively segmenting and automating their daily actions. By minimizing human intervention, dialogg.ai allows contact centers and customer services to mobilize their teams on tasks with higher added value and to ensure excellent service for their customers.

Eisenhower Matrix
Aisenhower Matrix

An AI that adapts to you

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