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Discover Nixxis solutions designed for contact centers and for any customer service in general. Optimize your teams and achieve your business goals with our personalized products and services. Explore our offers now.

Nixxis Contact Suite

Nixxis Contact Suite is customizable call center software that adapts to your business needs and guarantees a seamless customer experience. Our intuitive interface and its advanced features offer your advisers unequaled working comfort for optimal productivity.

Nixxis Digital

Make sure you’re always where your customers expect you to be! Exchange with them on their favorite platforms thanks to Nixxis Digital. WhatsApp, chat, SMS, e-mails, social networks… give your agents a 360° view of the customer journey.
This cloud-based solution enables you to effortlessly analyze interactions on every channel for effective personalized support and an unforgettable Customer Experience.

Nixxis Telecom

We don’t just publish contact center software, we’re also a telecom operator. With Nixxis Telecom, take advantage of the lowest rates on the market.

The right contact center solution at last
to your business objectives

Customer Service

Streamline your customer interactions with Nixxis' digital platform. Benefit from powerful ACD and omnichannel capabilities for premium customer relations. Customize our IVR to meet your unique needs and measure your customer satisfaction in no time.


Boost your sales with our call center software. Intelligently coordinate inbound and outbound activities to optimize productivity and results. Benefit from 10 dialing modes, including the best predictive dialing on the market, and callback rules that comply with the Naegelen decree.


Improve the efficiency of your collections department with our contact center solution. Streamline your inbound and outbound flows. Facilitate access to your services and maximize reachability for your debtors thanks to advanced omnichannel functionalities.

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