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Contact Suite

"I can't achieve my KPI's, I would like to become more efficient and fluid"

  • Assign the most competent agent to respond effectively to your customers’ requests.
  • Humanize and personalize the customer relationship by designating the preferred agent for each contact.
  • Boost the productivity of your agents by minimizing their time spent on breaks or during post-call processing.
  • Adapt your activity according to the statistical reports that arise from the performance of your agents.
  • Choose the most appropriate dialing method according to your business objectives.


“Our support agents are not enough and requests are left unanswered, this needs to change”

  • Contact your customers directly on their favorite platforms (social networks, email, online chat, etc.).
  • Make sure your agents can process each request in real time.
  • Establish an intelligent ticketing system to have the complete history of requests and responses for each contact.
  • Configure a bot (chatbot / voicebot) to respond to your customers 24 hours a day.


Our agents must deal internationally. How to process ?

  • Buy minutes internationally. Rates are guaranteed to be the lowest on the market.
  • Equip yourself with a SIP / VoIP Trunk.
  • Benefit from premium routing and direct, clear connections with your contacts.


“I have to manage the accounts of several companies, I would like to centralize the data”

  • Connect all your accounts on a single interface.
  • Monitor the publications of your collaborators and the comments of your subscribers.
  • Collaborate with your teams and decide in real time to like/publish/comment via the “sentiments” system.
  • Access comprehensive statistical reports for each platform.

The right contact center solution at last
to your business objectives


You have to constantly juggle between
inbound and outbound activity?

  • Gain productivity by managing these two activities in just one click!
  • Distribute calls to the most qualified teams and improve your once & done rate.
  • Simplify your processes and ensure an optimal customer experience

Do your support teams have to manage emails, calls and tickets at the same time?

  • Ease the interactions with your customers.
  • Reach your customers on their preferred channels with intelligent automation.
  • Configure your voice server to guide your customers in a targeted manner.

Your low rate of argumentative contacts is detrimental to your commercial efficiency

  • Benefit from an intelligent dialer to preserve your productivity.
  • Make your calls easier to manage by ensuring you’re compliant with the law.
  • Identify the best agent profile based on the contact file to be processed.

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