Consultancy, Project Management, Integration, Installation, Training, Support & Maintenance



We know that strategic advantages are won or lost in customer service delivery. Nixxis Business Consulting will help you achieving improvements that deliver demonstrable, reportable returns. We will help you build a customized roadmap that sets the right balance between cost, quality, and revenue for your business and customers.

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Project Management


Nixxis Project Managers help customers and partners succeed through the use of effective business consulting and industry experience, unsurpassed software solution planning and training and proven implementation strategies.

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If your deployment requires specific integration with its IT infrastructure, we provide software analysis, pilot projects setup, development, and testing.

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On a single or multiple site, on cloud or on-site, we ensure that installation happens in the most reliable way. This is important in the case you are replacing and aging system by Nixxis brand new latest technology and making sure that the existing traffic is not disrupted.

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Getting the right training is a critical factor for using your Nixxis Contact Suite solution to its maximum potential. Nixxis Academy is dedicated to fulfilling your training and educational needs so that you can make the most of your enterprise and contact centre solution.

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Support & Maintenance


Nixxis support and maintenance program helps you get the most value from your Nixxis Contact Suite solution. You not only get a high-quality, high-value engagement when you contact us with an immediate need, you also get the knowledge and support to improve adoption and maximize usage.

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