Nixxis Digital

Connect with your customers on any channel

With Nixxis Digital, interact with anyone on any channel at any time in any space on one unique user-friendly interface.

Available on Cloud or on premise.

Included in Nixxis Contact Suite for a 360-degree customer experience

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Manage all your interactions hassle-free on one interface



Reach out to your customers through any channel and create custom scenarios for unique journeys



Enjoy an AI-automated solution that can basically do anything for you, even coffee

More than 150+ brands trust us with their CX, why not you?

More than 150+ brands trust us with their CX, why not you?

Advanced features for advanced customer interactions


With our AI-powered solution implement bots to personallize your interactions, figure out your customer intents and create unique rules for high-quality journeys


Access easily our reports and instantly understand how your customer experience is fairing


Integrate Nixxis Digital with your current solution or with leading CRMs and automation tools in the market hassle-free


Manage all your customer interactions on any channel within one platform and get a 360-degree view of your customers


Create unique rules and assign the right agent to the right query, implement custom parameters to create a customer experience that matches your business, track your customers interactions on your website to understand possible issues and so much more

Become a leader of customer interactions





Customer Story
Deacrese avarage handling time by 27% – Worldline

Customer Story
Increase number of calls handled by agents per day by 15% – Europ Assistance

Customer Story
Increase resolution in single calls by 49% – Salt

Customer Story
Increase number of sales per hour by 18% – Vipp Interstis

They use Nixxis Contact Suite

We wanted to increase the level of customer satisfaction and needed optimised software to ensure even more reactivity to the client assistance department. Thanks to Nixxis, we were able to gain a 360° view of customers and ultimately improve the company’s image. Nixxis provided a stable solution that meets all our requirements and automates operations to maintain competitive advantage.

Axa Assistance

Campaigns are organised by customer, activity and language. Iuris-Link manages its staff in a way to optimize results. Integration has been realized between Nixxis and customer’s CRM to treat unanswered calls detected by Nixxis via SQL Server and Oracle. It allows automating the treatment of these files without human intervention. An considerable saving in time for agents and files advancement!


The main benefit as I can see in our case essentially the reporting system. Now, we actually understand what we have to do to exactly fit our customer needs. We also add a post processor IVR to measure our customer satisfaction after each interaction. Reporting is one of the best things in Nixxis because you can really extract whatever you need from the calls. The reporting system of Nixxis is very flexible

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