🤖 Chatbot: Everything you need to know, the good, the bad and the ugly 

When it comes to chatbot, two schools are in competition:  
– Those who say that the chatbot smoothens customer experience 
– And those who say it completely denatures the human side inerant to customer experience.  
In this article we’re gonna take an in-depht look on how relevant is a chatbot for your company: 

  • Let’s start with what is a chatbot  
  • What are the benefits of a chatbot  
  • The disavantages of it  
  • The final debrief  

What is a chatbot?  

 “Chat” stands for its literal meaning. “Bot” is a shortcut for a robot. In other words, a bot is a computer program configured and able to provide a pre-recorded response immediately to your caller.  

There are several types of chatbot:  

  • Basic type, programmed: it will draw from a directory of pre-formatted and pre-recorded questions/answers 
  • Learner-type: it adopts advanced language processing technology that allows it to respond more precisely to a particular context. This type of bot can easily mimic a natural conversation with an agent.  

The benefits of a chatbot  

  • It relieves your agents  

Once configured, the chatbot will be completely autonomous. It can easily resolve “common” files such as a request for information. Its autonomy obviously depends on the previous configuration and the technology used by the chatbot. The emergence of artificial intelligence makes it possible to arrive at an almost human interaction in certain contexts.  

  • It helps you get to know your customers better 

 Everything that happens between your chatbot and the user is measured. The chatbot will capture all interactions and classify them according to relevant KPIs. This allows you to create reliable, customizable reporting and measure your company’s important metrics to continuously improve your service and customer experience.  

  • It limits response time 

 At present, the consumer is increasingly anxious to receive an answer. No matter what time you request it, the chatbot is permanently available, and responds instantly to any request.  

  • Functional on all media and formats  

 A chatbot can be enabled both on your website but also on your social networks or various applications. So you can capture the attention of your customers on any channel, simultaneously. 

  • It can be customized  

Anything is possible. You can easily associate your chatbot with a friendly avatar who will become your brand mascot.  

The disadvantages of chatbot  

The same drawback seems to recur frequently over the course of the surveys on the subject. According to a large number of users, it will never replace human intervention. Indeed, many complain that they do not have an answer to their question. It is obvious that when a customer asks you a complex question, they are even more frustrated when they receive an answer that does not match their request. Immediacy is good, relevance is better.  

In addition, our time is lacking in human relations. A consumer will always consider a more credible brand if they have had the opportunity to speak with an agent. It proves that you are real, that there are people working behind you to answer and satisfy you. 

In addition, the chatbot seems to increase hacking risks for businesses and users. They are the object of misappropriations regarding the protection of personal data. Bots collect and analyze a large amount of user data, resulting in a surge in attacks to steal that data.  

The chatbot, for or against? The debrief  

The chatbot, for or against? The debrief  

Each of them has its opinion on the matter, it seems obvious that the real effectiveness of this means of communication varies according to the sector of activity and the type of enterprise, and even according to the objectives aimed at. The idea is to put these factors in perspective in order to evaluate whether or not a sculpin will help you improve your client relationship. 
The trick is to mix chatbot and live chat to minimize response time, redirect your customer to the right agent and maintain this human touch we all love.  

A fully customizable solution, Nixxis allows you to configure your chatbot according to the needs of your team and your activity, while combining it with all your communication channels.  

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