Luc Jacobs présentant, la nouvelle solution IA de Nixxis

A notable intervention during the annual Cluster Software event

On February 22, Luc Jacobs, CEO of Nixxis, visited Sparks in Brussels alongside companies that also use artificial intelligence (AI) in their solutions. The theme of this evening was to demonstrate how AI, in particular generative AI, can increase the performance of companies that adopt it. Our CEO’s intervention sparked great interest, particularly regarding our new AI solution which is redefining the future of contact centers and customer services. Rather than separating humans and technology, Nixxis chooses to combine the best of both worlds within

This evening also allowed us to discover other AI solutions, such as Effixis, Monizze and Leexi.

It is worth highlighting the remarkable organization of this event, thanks to Cluster Software, Hub Brussels and of course the presenters, Sam Hendrickx and Michiel Vandendriessche, co-founders of Racoons.

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