Calling strategies: 6 tips to get it right

Available market tools allow contact centers to roll out their call strategy with varying degrees of efficiency. But which is the best? Is it the responsibility of the tool or the human if a call campaign is poorly executed?

The legislation imposes more and more restrictions related to call attempts and it is not always easy to comply without “toasting” your contact cards.

Businesses are required to present a geographic phone number that answers if the person calls back the number. However, it is good practice to limit the number of call attempts to avoid the “irritating” or “nuisance” side. Indeed, your prospect can now by law identify your calling phone number.

According to the type of contacts (individuals or professionals, age, CSP, marital status …), the sector of activity (insurance, energy, collection, collection of donations …), the geographical area (Ile de France, Province …) and the characteristics of the contacts to call, their contactability preferences will be different (time, channel) and the same will apply for your results!

Your call initiations will be different. ? Your objective should be to increase the reachability of people when they are most available in order to avoid turning them into “permanent unreachable” by calling them at an inconvenient time.

Here are 6 effective tips that you can easily implement thanks to the dynamic parameters of the tool you are using (at least Nixxis does):

Spread out your call attempts

Spread out the number of call attempts over a longer period (ex: 3 calls the first week at different times then 3 calls 2 weeks later rather than 5 calls in the same week always to same hours)

Optimize your numbering

Optimize your call numbering according to the geographical area of your contacts (ex: outside working hours for individuals after 7 p.m. in the Paris region or between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. or from 5 p.m. in rural areas, during working hours for professionals, after 7 p.m. for individuals in the Paris region versus 6 p.m. in the provinces, students after lessons from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. or Wednesday afternoons)

Voicemail deposits

Make grouped deposits of voicemail messages or over time when an answering machine is detected so that the contact is aware of your approach, reminds you or directs you to your website, for example

Continue the conversation

Start a conversation by phone, continue it by chat and have a commitment form signed on the contact’s smartphone during the call (to win 1 step)

Distribute intelligently

Distribute calls intelligently according to agent profile. According to (skills, languages, etc.)

Reassign reminders

Reassign telephone appointments to another designated employee if the initial agent is unavailable

In short, there are plenty of possibilities for maximum efficiency.

Today, contact centers around the world use Nixxis every day to handle 1.2 million outbound telesales calls, 5,000 inbound tickets for assistance, 7,000 taxi rides, hundreds of thousands euros in donations collected or sums recovered, …

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