🎓MASTER THE BASICS: multichannel to omnichannel contact center solution

I guess you already experienced buying something out of the internet, the item arrives damaged, and then you try to contact the customer service by email and for example chat simultaneously and both send you contradictory info? How enraging is this? That’s what happens when the CX strategy is not omnichanel. The Omni-customers and immediacy are the main challenges for a successful CX. Before each communication channel was not communicating with the other, but now with the emergence of the Now customer everything has changed. But what is the difference between multichannel and omnichannel solutions? How can you boost your customer experience? Nixxis puts you on the track

  • Mutltichannel and omnichannel, a paradigm change
  • So are multichannel platform still up to date?
  • Omnichannel for an omni-consumer
  • An omnichannel solution, the Graal of customer experience
  • Nixxis, tailor-made omnichannel contact center solution

Multichannel and omnichannel, a paradigm change

For many people, multichannels and omnichannels are synonyms. However, It’s in fact an evolution in customer experience management.

Its a given that companies have various touchpoints with their customers (phone, email, social media etc.) but a very, very long time ago those channels were independant of one another with no communication in-between and then a miracle happened (probably coming from a guy who got really mad at some point of going back and forth with various company departments) leading to establishing lines of communications between those different channels.

This is the evolution from multichannel to omnichannel: it’s the capacity that a company has to connect all its customer touch-points and deliver a harmonised response to every one of them.

And this miracle of CX  is done through an omnichannel contact center solution that’s able to  connect all those dots together. You can read more about what is a contact center solution in this article:  WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS A CONTACT CENTER SOLUTION? READ THIS.

So is a multichannel platform still up to date?

Honestly, we’re an omnichannel contact center solution, you can’t expect us to say yes. But let us explain what is the fundamental differences between the two.

Say you start chatting on a website to solve your insurance subscription issue. Things are taking their sweet time, and you’re loosing your patience, you ask to switch to a phone call. If the software used by the company is multichannel it won’t be possible to switch on the spot, you will have to call another number, wait in queue and then talk to another agent that the on you were liasing with. But with an omnichannel one, we assume that the agent behind is as proficient by chat as he is by voice and therefore can pick up a call in the middle of a chat conversation.

Which situation do you prefer as a client? I’m guessing the omnichannel one.

Omnichannel for an omni-consumer

For the past 20 years, we have observed that consumers have been using several channels at the same time and are more and more impatient to receive a response. It is therefore imperative to be reactive on all fronts, in order to respond to solicitations in record time on the ambient immediacy. 

Omnichannel no longer means several channels, but all channels. It is a solution that will not only bring together, but also interconnect all your touch points. It merges channels for a unified and responsive customer experience.  So if one of your customers sends you an email and then contacts you via chat, an omnichannel solution will provide instant follow-up on each channel in real time.

An omnichannel solution, the Graal of customer experience

It is essential to adapt the current media consumption mode and a synergy between your brand’s contact points, with an omnichannel contact center solution you can:

  • Support your customer through the conversion process in a personalized and efficient way.
  • Delegate each case to your agents to their skills and ensure follow-up with a limited number of intermediaries.
  • Decline and personalize your message to the corresponding channel and optimize your customer experience.

Nixxis, tailor-made omnichannel contact center solution

Manage your incoming calls at the same time as your social media with an immediate and adapted response. All this with an intuitive and ergonomic interface to allocate cases according to the skills and availability of each of your agents. Measure and adapt your objectives with a complete and personalized reporting.

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