Optimize you live chat

The omnichannel approach greatly facilitates contact with customers. However, against all expectations, we have very few channels that present the opportunity to use live chat to ensure quality customer service and thus increase sales.

Live chat, live chat for our English speaking friends, is a very promising tool that integrates with the website and offers relevant solutions at the right time. This practical and customisable channel is able to offer assistance at a time when customers need it most and without which, customers would surely have been tempted to give up their purchase.

According to a study, 79% of customers prefer live chat because the assistance is immediate and according to Forrester, 63% state that they will gladly return to a website if it contains the live chat option.

In addition, it is important to note that the waiting time for phone calls is significantly reduced with this solution and productivity increases considerably as it is possible to handle several solutions at the same time. In order to increase the volume of sales and better contribute to the satisfaction of your customers, here are 3 tips to optimize your live chat:

Use a warm tone

In order to engage in a natural conversation, the cat is an ideal channel. A friendly introduction of the agents and a request as to why they might be useful to the customer would be a good start to the conversation in order to put the customer completely at ease and get to the heart of the matter fairly quickly.

It is preferable to use short messages so as not to confuse the customer with a lot of information and overloaded messages.

Analysing behaviour and results

In order to improve the chat experience, data analysis can help to optimise chat on the pages that are most frequently used by increasing the hours of support on these pages and thus assigning agents with the best skills to help customers in the best possible way.

In this way, brands can improve the information on the website and even undertake agent training so that they can be more effective in dealing with customer requests.

Customise the chat window

To reassure users, it is important to make them understand that they are talking to a human and not a robot. To do this, simply add a photo of the agent to your chat window.

Avoid automatic responses as much as possible, for example, during closing hours, but opt more for a message informing that the chat is momentarily unavailable and that it will restart at a specific time.

You can also personalise the message of your chat depending on the location of the customer: If the customer is on the home page, you can use the chat to direct him/her to the current offers page for example, or to other products that should be highlighted.OPTIMIZE YOUR LIVE CHAT

The more the message in the chat window will be adapted to the customer’s needs and location on the site, the better his attention will be captured by your site and will lead him to finalise his purchase.

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