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Nixxis secured innovative, performant and reliable technology partners to power Nixxis Contact Suite and create unique CX journeys for end-customers.

Assono Hungary is a customer-oriented company offering comprehensive solutions for enterprise communications needs for domestic and multinational companies.

Axtel produces high-quality professional communication solutions aimed at organisations where communication is central to their business.

Byphone can replace or work alongside your current phone system. It brings all your phone numbers and devices, both personal and business, under one management system.

CallScripters intuitive scripts will guide your agents through any interactions ensuring they have all the informations they require in a single place.

CCmath was founded in 2005 with the commitment to make Call Center Mathematics accessible to everyone to significantly improve the efficiency level of their WFM processes.

Centurion & Co facilitates and provides investment advisory services to cover private equity, extending to direct investments.

CommBox developed an advanced AI-powered omnichannel customer communication platform that allows any organization to manage seamless communication with customers across channels.

DataOne Asia is the leading independent provider of Managed Technology Services to Enterprises in the Philippines. Our goal is to deliver Information Technology as a service, with a guaranteed performance and cost.

Footprint Africa Business Solutions provides integrated business solutions for you, these encompass the entire spectrum of IT services and span over 6000 solutions from across the world.

Hermes Informatica is a company specialized in management solutions for Credit Recovery and Phone Collection, designed for an increasingly modern and evolved market and able to adapt to any type of business.

Our software platform (SaaS or on Premise) allows you to create schedules and monitor your employees’ counters in compliance with legal rules .

iAgility, Telecom operator for call center, under L33-1 license from the ARCEP authority since 2016.

NSI specializes in the import of IT, TELECOMS, ELECTRONICS, TOOLS, SOFTWARE technological products .

OrcaGroup provides easy-to-use, reliable and effective software for alarms and accessibility.

Pan Cyber provides software solutions that assists businesses to manage, improve and enhance their Customer Interactions.

PcIpal provides companies with secure cloud payment and data protection solutions.

Plug & Tel is a French VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telecommunications operator.

Specialized in the creation of web applications dedicated to contact centers, SeaaSoftware™ finally gives you the means to realize your craziest interfaces.

Sestek is a global technology company helping organizations with Conversational Solutions to be data-driven, increase efficiency and deliver better experiences for their customers.

Lexound is a leading producer of dynamic audio headsets, especially designed to meet the high demands of call centers. Lexound supplies thousands of companies worldwide.

Advanced quality monitoring provider, transform your clients into brand ambassadors

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