Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relations

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Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relationship


“Specialists all agree that the beginnings of AI were during the Second World War (1940-1945) and more precisely around the year 1943 when two researchers, Mc Culloch & Pitts tried to represent in a Boolean way (with 1s and 0s, the only language truly understood by computers), the functioning of the human brain (you can search on the internet: “ boolean circuit model of brain »).
Alan Turing, the English mathematician who cracked the code of the Nazi regime’s “Enigma” encryption machine during the Second World War, followed suit in 1950 by extending the thesis of the previous ones with his work on “Computing machinery & intelligence“. Indeed, Turing had noticed in his “Enigma” code cracking machine that specific forms of sequences of characters recurred regularly and that, if we could quickly test the occurrence of these “patterns” in English, , […]”

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