Economic mission to Senegal

From May 21 to 25, the Princess of Belgium, Her Highness Astrid, is leading a multi-sector economic mission to Dakar. Our CEO Luc Jacobs is participating in this mission which has more than 350 representatives, i.e. 160 companies, 20 universities or colleges and around ten federations of companies and investment funds.

This official visit intended to strengthen the historical links that Belgium maintains with African countries is an opportunity for Nixxis to confirm its positioning on the African market.

The Customer Relations market represents 30 million jobs worldwide and traditionally, 20 to 25% of these are based “offshore” in areas with a high level of education but low income (Maghreb, Africa). the West, Madagascar, Mauritius for French – Philippines, South Africa, Latin America for English and Spanish).
As a Belgian company, Nixxis generates 90% of its turnover from exports, including around 25% in Africa.
This proportion is expected to increase significantly in the years to come thanks to the combined growth of “offshore” traffic, but also of “onshore” African traffic. Indeed, the latter is developing very quickly, driven by the massive equipping of African users with smartphones and by the rapid digitalization of their administrations and businesses. It is interesting to point out that in most African countries, users have already taken the plunge and are choosing digital channels over voice, unlike European or US habits where voice still remains the preferred channel for customers.

As such, Senegal today constitutes a privileged destination in the field of French-speaking call centers thanks to the quality of its workforce, its economic development, its political stability, but also its efficient fiber optic connectivity directly. from the coasts of the country and connected to the best European data centers.

Established in the Maghreb countries since 2016, Nixxis already has major clients in Africa, notably the Gambian telephone operator, GAMCEL. The next step will be the establishment of a permanent office in Dakar with the aim of serving not only Senegal, but also the rapidly developing West Africa (Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Benin) and from there, the rest of Central Africa (DRC, Rwanda, Togo, Kenya, Nigeria). To do this, we will be able to count on the help of our local partner Sylamtech, but also we hope thanks to the links made this week.

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