Everything you need to know about chatbots!

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  • Which chatbot should I use for my customer service?
  • Is there a chatbot specific to my activity?
  • How can it help my advisors improve their performance?

These are a myriad of questions you should ask yourself when the idea of ​​integrating a chatbot into your customer service or contact center arises.

Luckily for you, Nixxis recently took stock of all these issues.

Find out what it’s all about here:

The practical guide to the chatbot!

What is a chatbot? What does that allow me to do?
We tell you everything!

A “chat-bot”

Yes, it is above all a small tool which allows you to automatically provide a response via a “chat” to the requester, without the need for any human intervention, hence the robotic side.

3 types of chatbots

The most common chatbots in customer services are either based on rules, on statistical models or, for the most recent, on machine learning. The last one is of course the most precise when it has to provide a response to the customer.

Features at a glance

A chatbot provides a set of 4 main functionalities. Above all, it allows you to answer questions, provide additional information according to customer requests, collect valuable data that can be reused by your salespeople and finally automate the time-consuming tasks of your advisors.

Which sectors use it the most?

Obviously, nearly 78% of customer services in any sector use a chatbot, while the remaining 22% prefer more traditional methods (email & telephone). We find chatbots more and more in the health sector, telcos or even e-commerce and the banking sector to a lesser extent.

In summary

Chatbots are very useful for creating a new user and customer experience and being able to lighten the workload of advisors in providing answers and processing requests, in general.

Are you still hesitant to integrate it into your customer service? We've created the ultimate infographic to transparently show you the pros and cons of using it in your business.

Find it here
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