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Nixxis support and maintenance program helps you get the most value from your Nixxis Contact Suite solution. You not only get a high-quality, high-value engagement when you contact us with an immediate need, you also get the knowledge and support to improve adoption and maximize usage. With a focus on delivering quality, choice, and value, Nixxis provides comprehensive services that combine traditional subscription, proactive support, and life-cycle management into an integrated program. Choose the right level of support as part of your Nixxis solution purchase and increase the value of your investment.

Our differentiators

Committed response and restoration targets:
Is it in 24/7 or 8/5 mode, we will always confirm reception of your requirements and make sure a response is given according to the required SLA’s.

Remote diagnostics & log retrieval:
Our solution can be totally supported and maintained from remote operations by our engineers. No need of physical interventions.

Specific Customer Care engineer:
When a ticket is open, a dedicated engineer will be responsible of closing it and proposing you a solution. He/she will also act as a gateway inside Nixxis for this case.

Pro-active monitoring:
When required, we can take care of monitoring your machinery and making sure everything is under control.

Knowledge transfer:
When cases are closed, we make sure the reason are known and provided and that the eventual knowledge is transferred to you to avoid future disruptions.

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