Customer segmentation

Customer database segmentation: a priority for any contact centers

Have you ever contacted a list of people who do not pick up despite several attempts?  How can you avoid this? To cope with the number of call attempts (we advise a maximum of 10). And to optimize the exploitation of its database, it is essential to proceed a socio-demographic segmentation.

But what are the main socio-demographic criteria to take into account?

The profession

Each profession has its own schedule obligations. And as a contact center, you have to adapt to each one. For example, we know that a lawyer will probably be in court in the morning and will therefore not be able to take a call at that time. Also, we will avoid contacting anybody from the catering industry during lunch time.

Geographic location

The geographical location is a very important criterion. For example, we know that around 6:00 pm, people living in the London area are likely to be in traffic jams where they are stressed. And therefore, it is not a good time to get in touch with. Instead, you can contact people who live in Kent who are likely to be more available at that time.


Age is an important criterion. First of all, the probability that a person of working age will be able to answer during working hours is less than that of a retired person, for example. In addition, knowing the age of the client allows us to save time for both the client and the agent. Let’s imagine that your agent offers a subscription to Neon magazine, which is aimed at “Millennials”, and that at the end of the line, he or she finds a “Baby boomer”. What would happen? The client will simply refuse the offer because he is not part of the magazine’s target audience.

In order to optimize the exploitation of your database, Nixxis has set up several functionalities allowing us to optimize your chances of attempts.

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