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Omnichannel Contact Center

A 360 degree view of your customer engagement​

Customer today seek a holistic experience. Don’t let them hold the line for too long. Give them a harmonious customer journey throughout the processes by letting your employees interact with them on a unified platform of communication.

Build your omni-channel customer experience with Nixxis. Our all-in-one solution enables you engage with your customers across any channel of communication; phone, text messages, emails and social media channels.

Nixxis Contact Suite provides you with stable AI technology coupled with ergonomic interfaces in order to enable you monitor real time data. Your employees can switch sessions via multiple channels thus catering for numerous customers at once. This helps in boosting productivity while ensuring a high level of customer engagement.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Manage your calls on a single platform with intelligent profiling and segmentation. Divert calls towards the required agents via our predictive dialer personalizing your customer experience while boosting agents productivity.


Email will always be at the heart of your customer support. Personalized email responses directed to right person helps improve customer experience while reducing handle time. Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Text Messages / Web Messaging

Customers expect flawless interaction with your organization at any given point in time. Make it easy for your customers to have personalized conversations with your brand.

Social Media

Improve your brand perception by connecting with your audience live on social media. Customers today love brands to be reachable at any given point in time. This builds your brand image while you have access to real time reporting.


Let bots handle common questions while agents handle complex issues. This helps reduce your operational cost while boosting productivity and level of personalized service.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI help to maintain conversational context with customers. Collected data enables predictive engagement thus boosting customer journey supervision



Versatility, Intelligence and Technology today is at the heart of every customer interaction. NCS omni-channel solution enables you have access to contextualized data in order to ensure smooth customer service.

Our AI merges with your communication channels & CRM to help your agents recognize customers at any interaction stage within your organization to provide a fast and efficient response. Media blending across phone, chats, email and social networks helps agents boost their productivity while ensuring a fluid customer engagement process across all communication channels

Data collection and reporting information are displayed on real time dashboards for multiple campaigns at once. This has a direct impact on decision making process while building your brand and customer loyalty. In short, our intuitive technology coupled with our predictive dialer mode for your customer satisfaction.

Connect and contact your customers anywhere anytime with Nixxis.

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Une interface multimédia unifiée

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