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Outbound Calls

Your road map to better customer engagement

In this digital age, it is all about reach. Your success depends on how your are engaging your customers through different channels. Outbound engagement needs to be personalized and in context in order to ensure a harmonious interaction process between your agents and customers. Nixxis Contact Suite, having the best dialing modes on the market will be able to help you have a fluid customer journey by segmenting and profiling your call lists to ensure your customers needs are being met at different stages (product search, service request, invoice payment and so on) in real time. This will help in improving your conversion rate and customer experience.

Preview Dialing

In preview dialing, the dialer does not generate dial requests but rather “popup requests”. In that configuration, the agent receives the customer record and has time to analyse it and can eventually choose to dial when the moment is right.

Multi-wave Campaigns

Multi-wave campaigns are based on several activities (inbound calls, emails, social media or any other outbound activities) interacting with each other and impacting the next activity to be performed by agents in real time.

Intelligent call lists

Intelligent call list management uses Nixxis proprietary call list functionalities. For example, when the end of a call list is reached, the outbound dialler can dynamically let the agent work on other campaigns and transfer the calls with the corresponding script pop-up or any other type of agent interfaces.


Cutting edge technology creating productive and efficient outbound calls

Our AI technology enables your company create filters for your operating system and your database files. Delivering personalized interactive sessions via omni channel solutions has been made easy for your outbound campaigns.

We help your agents improve their performance while you have access to real time data for your next business move. Helping your organization streamline customer experience while accelerating KPI is what Nixxis Contact Suite does by using the latest automation techniques on the market.

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Appels entrants

Un répondeur interactif
et une distribution automatique des appels

Appels sortants

Le meilleur dialer prédictif
sur le marché


Une interface multimédia unifiée

Automatisation IA et chatbot

des algorithmes d’IA pour la résolution de problème

Analyse et rapports

des centaines d’options prédéfinies et des rapports personnalisables

Gestion des effectifs

Supervision, écoute, enregistrement et suivi