5 steps to integrate AI into your contact center

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Do you want to easily integrate AI into your contact center? Nothing’s easier ! Nixxis takes stock of the 5 essential steps to achieve this integration.

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Integrate AI in just 5 steps!

You read that right, discover 5 simple steps to integrate AI into your contact center!

1. Clear objectives

Don't rush headlong. Having precise objectives for your AI integration process is crucial to getting the most out of it, whether in terms of cost, customer satisfaction, or even better performance.

2. Qualitative data

We have nothing without nothing ! You will not be able to benefit from a high-performance algorithm if you inject it with poor quality data. Heavy cleaning work is therefore necessary upstream to ensure the effectiveness of the AI, and at the same time it allows you to sort and filter unnecessary data.

3. Suitable partners

You can't integrate AI with the snap of a finger. You need to get closer to professionals in the field. The protection of the personal data collected and the security of your infrastructure are at stake and require thoroughness in the complete integration of AI for your contact center.

4. AI is built in! What do I do now ?

You need to test your algorithm! This is what makes artificial intelligence so special. It is only effective if it is tested many times before it can provide quality results.

5. After testing, we evaluate the
customer returns!

Feedback from your customers is essential to correct or develop your AI software. There are numerous means: customer satisfaction surveys, in-depth analyzes of KPIs and quality monitoring are just a few options among others for collecting initial feedback.

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