19.customer database

How to build a customer database

Today, knowing your customers well is becoming a necessity! This is why it is important to have a good customer and prospect database. Indeed, it contributes to develop customer loyalty. Moreover, the better you know about your prospects, the better you can meet their needs. You will thus convert the information you have about your prospects, customers into value for them.

According to IBM, a good database improves your customer relationship by 74% and increases your revenues by 41%. Here’s how to build a customer database:

Invest in a good CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) will allow you to centralize your data. This way, your teams will have all the necessary information on the different accounts to follow up on them. They will also have a view on their objectives. In addition, the CRM will facilitate communication within the company by allowing us to access the history of each customer and prospect. We can therefore see what has already been achieved.

Securing your database

Today’s businesses are faced with hacking, data theft and attacks. To prevent this, you need to equip your database with multiple defense and backup systems. There are several forms of intrusions, so you must take precautions from the start to avoid becoming a victim of this type of attack.

Your database must be compliant

In recent years, the way companies collect data has been carefully monitored. Indeed, your database must comply with the European DPMR regulation (General Data Protection Regulation). The data collected must therefore be useful and secure with the user’s consent.

Update your database

Your database must be regularly audited and updated by your teams to ensure that it is of good quality. Indeed, each interaction with the customer or prospect must be indicated in order to ensure the best possible follow-up.

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