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How to optimize your chatbot

A chatbot, or conversational agent, is a web tool that automates responses to visitor requests without human intervention.

Nowadays, customers expect a constant presence and a high quality of response from the company. It has therefore become essential to put an efficient chatbot in place. However, it is important to analyze the customer’s journey and to determine when the customer encounters difficulties and therefore needs a chatbot. A properly optimized chatbot will allow you to optimize your user experience, increase your conversion rate, and build customer loyalty!

How to optimize your chatbot: here are 4 tips :

Analyze the data to meet the expectations of its audience

Use your past data collection wisely to set up an effective chatbot. Indeed, data analysis will allow you to determine the issues your audience is facing. Your chatbot will therefore be prepared for the most recurring questions. Once your chatbot is up and running, you will be able to analyze new data. And thus, continue to optimize your website in its entirety.

Combine the human with the chatbot

It is clear that the chatbot is not able to meet all user demands. Indeed, the chatbot is designed to answer simple requests. For complex questions, human intervention is required. In other words, a hybrid model needs to be set up in which your audience can switch from robot to human with a single click.

Personalize your exchanges

You can personalize each interaction with the data collection that is done progressively. In this way, your chatbot will be able to request information from users in order to have a global vision of its situation. He will therefore be better able to respond effectively. Your chatbot will no longer be perceived as being only reactive but also proactive since it can target needs according to the profile.

Integrate good quality media

Your chatbot represents your brand, it is in its image! It is therefore necessary to give importance to the visual aspect. You can integrate attractive images, readable and functional buttons, and videos. In short, you’ve understood that the user experience is also about aesthetics.

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