Give back to your customers
the desire to respond!

Make your customers want to pick up the phone !

Optimize productivity and profitability

of your teams while guaranteeing

an exceptional customer experience

Make your customers want to pick up the phone !

Optimize productivity and profitability

of your teams while guaranteeing

a qualitative customer experience.

Optimize the productivity and the profitability of your teams while guaranteeing a high-quality customer experience.

No longer choose between
productivity and customer satisfaction!

Discover Nixxis!
Telephony software that maximizes
your profits at all levels!


You have to constantly juggle between
inbound and outbound activity?

  • Gain productivity by managing these two activities in just one click!
  • Distribute calls to the most qualified teams and improve your once & done rate.
  • Simplify your processes and ensure an optimal customer experience

Do your support teams have to manage emails, calls and tickets at the same time?

  • Ease the interactions with your customers.
  • Reach your customers on their preferred channels with intelligent automation.
  • Configure your voice server to guide your customers in a targeted manner.

Your low rate of argumentative contacts is detrimental to your commercial efficiency

  • Benefit from an intelligent dialer to preserve your productivity.
  • Make your calls easier to manage by ensuring you’re compliant with the law.
  • Identify the best agent profile based on the contact file to be processed.

You are just one click away from making your dream come true!

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In short
At Nixxis, we help you to

Streamline your customer service by optimizing the number of advisors to handle requests

Integrate the ticketing tool to distribute tickets in the same way as calls to increase productivity

Implement an effective process so that the right people are mobilized at the right time

Intelligently segment your campaigns to gain commercial efficiency

Analyze advanced statistical reports in real time to adapt campaigns

Why you should choose US!


At Nixxis, we have been concilating customer satisfaction and productivity without compromise for over 15 years.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to choose between the two, but with our solution, why choose?

What’s more, thanks to the integration of our solution into your IT ecosystem, your business software interacts easily with the software.

Finally, the unrivaled level of configuration of the software allows us to respond to all your problems, which we know are complex.

What are you waiting for?

Perfect integration with your favorite software

Maximize the performance of your
Contact Center

They chose us and recommend us

+ Over 150 clients place their trust in us!

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