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The first checkpoint towards customer success​

Ensuring quality is produced all along is the best way to ensure your customer experience efforts are concentrated to that single goal. Powerful analytics and reporting services ensures that the feedback loop of whatever is produced in the contact center is under control and that your agents are coached in a proper manner.

Integrating into your own analytics suite requires system openness and versatility in its interfaces. We have tried to keep it simple and made all of our reporting available at the click of a mouse.

We can propose powerful analytics platforms that integrates seamlessly into our contact center solutions and provides you the best insights when it comes to quantity and quality.

One-clic report generation

All of your reports are available at the click of a mouse to make sure you can get the information you need in a powerful and efficient way. These can then be provided in pdf, xls, word, Powerpoint, tiff, xml and various other formats.

Hundreds of templates available

We’ve prepared the work for you by offering hundreds of possible templates including all industry standards both for productivity and quality parameters. You can of course add your own customized reports & exports and combine them with existing ones.

Embedded publishing scheduler

Reports can be processed periodically in an automatic way and then sent to your own distribution list via email or even better, be published on an intranet or standard website. Further to that part or all of the data can also be made available on external FTP servers for furthe r processing.

Powerful Analytics

Speech-to-text algorithms can extract not only the words but also the intents and emotions expressed by your customers in order to pilot your Quality Monitoring solution for automatic filling of your evaluation grids.



Crunching numbers for the sake of it does not have any interest until it helps you improve your customer experience continuously.

We provide standard and personalized reporting templates that allows to extract the best of what data’s can say within minutes of its production. This means that any quality issue can be dealt with within the shortest possible time ensuring that your customer won’t even notice it.

Finally, thanks to powerful speech to text extraction, you will be able to gain insights of what is being said by your agents and customer and adjust your various messages accordingly in order to react quickly to the market requirements.

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