AI for customer experience

It’s no secret that customer experience has become the top priority for companies. And to stay competitive, they need to harness the potential of artificial intelligence. Indeed, AI can help you improve customer satisfaction. According to Salesforce, 80% of customer relationship managers consider artificial intelligence to be more relevant when it “augments” their human device.

Here are 3 ways to optimize your customer experience with AI.

Use Big Data technology

It is interesting to integrate Big Data technology! On the one hand, to maximize the satisfaction of your customers and thus build their loyalty. And on the other hand, to target new potentials.

Indeed, Big Data does not only analyze large volumes of data.

It allows predicting behaviors, to allow a more targeted segmentation, to offer personalized products or services, etc.

Again and again, chatbots…

Yes, it has become difficult, if not impossible to do without them! Indeed, according to Oracle, 50% of people prefer to contact a brand by instant messaging rather than by email or phone. Thus, a properly optimized chatbot will allow you to improve your customer experience. However, it will be necessary to adopt a good omnichannel strategy to allow your agents a 360 vision. They will then be able to better respond to customers’ requests.

The agent’s assistant

Artificial intelligence is fully capable of assisting customer service agents during their interactions with customers. AI can propose compliant solutions based on customer profiles and history.

The idea is not to replace humans with artificial intelligence but to enhance human capabilities with artificial intelligence.

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