Customer service: 5 trends to adopt in 2021

Customer service plays a major role in resolving customer problems. But that’s not all! Indeed, your customer service is now the main lever that will convince your customer to stay loyal to your company. But how to do it? Here are 5 trends to adopt in 2021 for excellent customer service:

Omnichannel customer service

The year 2020 will have pressed on the main pain points of companies. Indeed, for some, the shift from physical to digital has been synonymous with disruption.  Moreover, Gartner forecasts that by 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies such as messaging, chatbots, etc.

It has therefore become essential for companies to diversify their communication channels and offer a seamless customer experience. In 2021, it is unthinkable for a customer to have to repeat the history of his request to each agent he is in contact with. Companies must therefore have powerful tools to unify the customer experience. For example, an omnichannel platform that will allow you to manage your customer exchanges, regardless of the channel used.


Whether it’s knowing the status of a delivery or paying their bills, today’s customers want to be able to solve their problems themselves. They want to save time and for that, they demand self-service customer support available 24/7. This way, companies also save time. To do so, the company can implement a powerful chatbot, a troubleshooting guide, an IVR, etc.

A personalized journey

Personalization is a major marketing trend today. Indeed, the consumer wants to benefit from a personalized journey. To achieve this, simply integrate your CRM with your contact center solution and your agents will have a 360 vision and will be able to provide quick and relevant answers to each customer.


Customers no longer have the patience to spend hours trying to reach a consultant on the phone. They want answers to their questions instantly! For this, the trend is towards live chat solutions. Indeed, it is available via the website and allows to fluidify the customer experience. This way you can guide the consumer to the solution that suits him perfectly. But you can also solve problems related to after-sales service.

Customer service on social networks

According to Hootsuite, 53.6% of the world population is active on social networks. Companies are increasingly present on social networks. It is therefore logical for consumers to expect to find assistance on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.  It is relevant and essential for a company not only to be present on social networks, but also to manage and respond to complaints quickly in order to establish a relationship of trust with the customer.

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