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Customer case

Founded in 1999, B-Connected is a belgian contact center working with Belgian & international clients. Three core principles: “Yes we can” – “Yes we want to”– “Yes we want to do and achieve more” drive the enthusiastic team to a customer oriented approach and investments in technological progress leading to a sustainable growth and success. Throughout the organization, B-Connected nurtures four values and inspires employees to do the same: human connection, customer relationship, efficiency and evolution.

B-Connected has a multidimensional customer base including partnerships with telecommunication providers, financial institutions, entities in the energy sector, printing press corporations, information technology and governmental institutions. The offices are based in Aalst, Brussels, SintNiklaas or inhouse, or offshore.

We’re not your traditional contact center. We are your goto if you’re looking for a flexible, proactive and professional team. We always go the extra mile to create the best approach specifically for you. Fully dedicated. So, what is it we do? The elephant in the room is growing. So we might as well address it right away: B-Connected offers great service and yes, it is affordable. Without cutting back on quality, we always look for smart ways to work as cost efficient as possible. Smart solutions is what we call them. Dixit B-Connected.

The Challenges

The increased growth of B-Connected’s activities required a relevant solution to satisfy the demanding customer demand in parallel to the agents’ comfort.

The Solution

“Nixxis Contact Suite, thanks to its technology, can easily work automatically. Less human action is needed. The agent is more efficient and consequently involving a greater revenue per agent. Prior campaigns are always on the top. All chat, mail & voice are targeted to the right person without any human intervention.” Jimmy Sels, CEO B-Connected

The Results

In light of the recent recommendations of the National Security Council on Covid19, B-Connected has converted its contact center to a virtual contact center to maximize the use of teleworking. In four days, all employees could work quietly and safely from home thanks to the Nixxis solution technology.
In the first year of the Nixxis Contact Suite installation, B-Connected realized an increase of 20 % of the performance for the agents and important grow of the customer satisfaction thanks to the Nixxis solution. This call center is entirely based on *COPC® standards, which turn customers into ambassadors, fully compliant with COPC® regulations. Achieving this is possible thanks to the right partners, in this case also Nixxis. Nixxis enables B-Connected to measure and improve all operational activities within an organization related to customer experience. Everything based on industry proven best practices to employ and endeavor the highest level of quality standards.

Partnership with Nixxis & VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussels): professors are guiding the team to anticipate digitization and customer care. Thanks to the subsidies received, a collaboration now exists to work on artificial intelligence specifically around voice recognition and interpretation of emotions in the voice.
Nice to know, in half an hour, with a computer, headphone & Nixxis Contact Suite, the agent can be fully efficient.

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