Customer testimonial: Parking Brussels

Find out how Nixxis Contact Suite helped Parking Brussels streamline its 12,000 monthly inbound calls.

326 employees

16,540 requests per month

Turnover of €64.3 million

Their goals

Parking Brussels is the first public service agency dedicated to managing parking throughout the region. The only company responsible for managing all the car parks in the city, it handles thousands of incoming calls every day. To ensure a quality service, it needed a perfect distribution of tasks and a rigorous management of the workforce within its nine specialized entities.

Parking Brussels has achieved good results

Thanks to Nixxis Contact Suite, Parking Brussels was able to benefit from an IVR identification, a status reminder and control system with an in-depth analysis of its complaint resolution rate and optimal follow-up of files for all its entities in same time

+5 new entities in 1 year

Thanks to the in-depth analysis of the workforce structure by the Nixxis team, Parking brussels realized that they needed to hire more staff.

12000 calls processed in 1 month

Better management and distribution of incoming calls between the 9 entities

Better customer satisfaction

Better call handling + faster response = happy customers

Parking Brussel's Testimonial

After using a competing solution for the first time, we decided to turn to Nixxis. The software was quickly integrated and the agents were operational at the same time thanks to specific training and support from an on-site specialist. The contact center now has 27 agents who handle approximately 12,000 calls per month. This solution has enabled the center to offer a quality human service.

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