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Your journey towards personalization and empathy​

Companies today are moving towards 24/7 customer service as clients spend most of their time online. By integrating Chat bots and machine learning intelligence, you will be able to flatten call peaks, achieve customer satisfaction while agents will have more time  resolving complex issues.

Merge automation and AI into your customer experience to bring out the best results. Customers today wants more empathy when conversing with businesses online. Every Nixxis AI solution provides top notch customer satisfaction when it comes to personalization.

Understand the language of your customer, know their patterns in regards to social media usage and connect all required services (marketing, sales and service) through automation.

Chat Bots and Voice Bots

Let chat bots and voice bots handles non complex issues and direct the most complex conversations towards an agents if necessary. This will flatten call peaks, provide efficient 24/7 self service while reducing operational cost.

Agile balance

Route calls and requests to the best handling agents through an agile balance. This is called intelligent routing and it helps resolve call churns and abandons as agents handling customer has business knowledge and awareness. It increases customer satisfaction.

End to end machine learning

Fully automated processes that translates customer messages to intents. This helps categorize data, enables predictive engagement and analytics towards handle time or transfer rate while taking into consideration business processes.

Functional Intuition

Unique set of algorithm that merges with external mechanism in order to read patterns, external data analytics to promote actionable suggestions.



With Nixxis AI hybrid Chat bots that serves as your virtual agents without a coffee break, customer conversion & retention is now an effortless process.

Our intelligence machine learning enables your team handle more chats throughout the various channels you use. Chat and Voice Bots respectively handles the automated responses while complex issues are redirected towards a more personalized approach through human interaction. Our technology enables you connect customers or prospects to the right person in real time by letting automation do its wonders. Conversations become more fluid leading to customer satisfaction.

You will have access to data that will help you automate business processes in the long run therefore reducing your operational costs while boosting your revenue. Your calls rates & churns will flatten while queries are answered via various channels. Nixxis AI technology in short enables your organization to be continuously serving customers on 24/7 self service mode requesting human interaction only if necessary.

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