A specialist in the performance of customer relations centers through its consulting and training activity for agents, Telsi is also a supplier of technological solutions, which offers the Nixxis solution to its customers.

Created in 2009

1800 employees

300 Million Turnover

What is nice with version 3.0 of Nixxis and its digital platform is to be able to go further in the unified management of all channels, whether voice, email, chat and social networks. It's very pleasant for our agents! We strongly believe in the symmetry of attention. This means ensuring that when an employee has the right tools, when he has the right support and the right training, the customer feels it and customer satisfaction improves as a result.

Mazen ABBOUD, CEO of Telsi


Telsi Achieves Proven Results with Nixxis Contact Suite

Thanks to Nixxis Contact Suite, Telsi enables its supervisors to establish perfect coordination of incoming flows in particular to clear workforce management  and efficient workforce management, where each employee can be directed to the type of request for which for which they are best qualified.

Reliability in all circumstances

New Core Features

24/7 Support

30% number of calls made per day and per person

Xefi Achieves Great Results with Nixxis Contact Suite

Nixxis is never addressed internally. This is the proof that the solution works and corresponds to the expected objectives. This has also allowed Xefi to quickly evolve on other projects. Today, the company is expanding and diversifying. It recruits hundreds of new employees thanks to the stability of its main activity, the contact center.

Reliable in all circumstances

New Core Features

Fast and efficient support

Systematic detection of invalid numbers

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