Protecting your investment by constantly checking its status.

Nixxis Contact Suite Preventive Monitoring module makes sure that everything is running fine within the system and that no problem of software or hardware faults will compromise your daily operations.


  • Description

    The Nixxis monitoring services allow for monitoring of all hardware and software components within the Nixxis platform. Thanks to the web-interface as well as the alert notification, a technical support person has all the information he/she needs to detect, analyze and react on both growth as well as technical issues. The service can monitor a range of hardware items ranging from CPU load and memory usage to disk and fan activity. From a software point of view, the service monitors the availability of the different services as well as their performance. The services can also monitor operational values such as call volume so that hardware decisions can be based on this. Not only does the monitoring service allow monitoring servers, but it also checks network equipment and connectivity. Monitoring of these types of services is done through SNMP while full featured monitoring on servers can be done through either SNMP or by installing a monitoring client.

    Key differentiator

    • Permanent monitoring of system components: Network connectivity and workload (switches, routers,…), Server’s behaviour (processor, memory, disk, services,…), Application’s workload (connected calls, logged agents,…), Real time and historical reports, Raw data, SLA and system availability supervision
    • Real time graphical views: One week detailed, one year consolidated reports
    • Events and alerts: Each component can be defined separately, Immediate notification by email, sms,…, Executing automated actions

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