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Nixxis Contact Suite

Reliable, Powerful & Ingenious

Nixxis Contact Suite is the contact solution you need to fully master your customer relations. Results have proven that efficacy of telemarketing & telesales campaigns increase by an average of 20% by simply adopting the software. Axxelerate your way to sucess with the powerful features, ensuring a boost in productivity of your agents.

CRM integration

You can integrate Nixxis Contact Suite with your CRM or software package. This will give you an overview of all your customer interactions.


Nixxis has implemented a very effective dialer. Recognised as best in class by the entire industry. You can choose from 10 dialling modes: progressive, predictive, reverse IVR, etc.

Call recording

Support your agents and improve the quality of your calls thanks to our conversation recording tool.


Analyse your results, get better results by improving your service with our reporting tool.

Script Editor

Assist your agents with the best script editor on the market and reinforce your speeches.

Track your performance

Monitor and improve the performance of your campaigns and those of your agents in real time. This will make it easier for you to boost your sales.

Boost the efficiency of your Contact Center

Our contact center software reduces the waiting time for your agents. In outbound calls, thanks to the power of our predictive calling technology. Inbound calls, because our technology allows your agents to work on different channels at the same time.

Improve your customer experience

Nixxis Contact Suite gives agents a 360-degree view of customer interactions. Your agents respond quickly and efficiently to queries. Your customers benefit from a consistent and ‚Äúseamless‚ÄĚ customer experience.