Instant response messaging is a strong selling agent
in e-commerce.

Chat is a conversational engine between people through a digital medium. It is more interactive than e-mail and looks more like a telephone or SMS conversation. Besides e-mail, chat is an important medium within and between organizations. Increasingly, seen as too intrusive people do not call anymore but contact digitally. Chat provides a good compromise.

Chat Management
Through chat, your agents will be able to handle direct conversation and assist your customers. The customer need only to be connected to any chat engine to interact.
The NCS chat engine provides an intelligent distribution of chat requests. Requests can be queued and then delivered to an agent who has the right skills. It is of course possible to chat to answer, handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously and to forward chat to a colleague. Through predefined answers, which can be adjusted by the agent, chat conversations are handled quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the quality standard.

With the use of keywords, it can be recognized what kind of question are asked and the agent can answer it by pressing a button. After a while the intervention of an agent can take over from the automatic system. People can eventually become specialized in certain matters for interacting with the customer. When no defined answer exists, the agent can define (with or without help) its own answers.

Use your website for your customer contact
NCS can initiate a pop-up window via your website (which can be installed in various ways) to site visitors / customers to invite them to chat. For visitors idling for example on a page, it may show up a pop-up window with an invitation to a chat session. If a buyer is staying a defined time in a shop, then a qualified employee can come to help during ordering or answer questions about the different products offered. These responses can be predefined.

After each chat sessions it is possible to qualify it based on result codes (Qualifications). Moreover, follow-up flows can be defined, such as calling the customer two days after the chat for example.