Giphar Group

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Founded in 1968, Giphar is one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in France. Under the brand Pharmacien Giphar, this leading retail pharmacy chain operates more than 1300 pharmacies. The company is divided into 7 inter-regional and 130 local groups with a total of 400 employees.

THE CHALLENGE: Giphar Group was looking to improve the level of customer satisfaction by employing the most effective Call Management System.

SOLUTION: Nixxis provided a stable solution that meets all company's requirements and automates operations to maintain competitive advantage.

RESULTS: Solid return on technology investment and improved corporate image.

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Taxis Verts

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Taxis Verts is a leading dispatching company counting more than 550 vehicles of which about 100 vehicles are delivery vans and the rest are plain taxis. The main company’s activities are to receive taxi orders and organize them in the most efficient way. Taxis Verts manages 1000 taxi drivers and provides about 7000 rides per day.

THE CHALLENGE: With its previous customer solution supplier, Taxis Verts was facing problems of a low interaction and inability to give a true customer approach. Taxis Verts needed a single solution and a perception of being a unique client.

SOLUTION: Nixxis was proud to offer its Nixxis Contact Suite solution and an ability to guarantee excellent business communication, completely individual approach and a close relationship with the customer.

RESULTS: Working with Nixxis, Taxis Verts was able to obtain a significant increase in the number of calls handled by person per day, reliable technical support and a possibility to be treated as a special customer.

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Universal Telecom

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Universal Telecom is a telecom operator mainly presents in Sweden and existing since 1998. Universal telecom offers its services to hundreds of thousands people across different countries.

THE CHALLENGE: The company had to find a solution helping to delight their existing customers as well as efficiently boost their telesales performances.

SOLUTION: Universal Telecom adopted Nixxis reporting system which helped to better understand their customers’ needs and has significantly improved workforce management.

RESULTS: The Nixxis solution saves a lot of time and money thanks to many aspects. The software allows increasing the number of calls without increasing proportionately.

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Virtual Visit of a 400+ Seats Contact Center


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Cap-tel, a company based in Mauritius, is specialized in marketing campaigns, customer service and back office - all this by phone.

THE CHALLENGE: Speed up the screen pop-up

SOLUTION: The Nixxis solution allowed Cap-tel to improve the speed and reliability of phone calls and a proper monitoring of customer history.

RESULTS: Thanks to Nixxis, Cap-tel quickly went from 20-25% operational usage rate with their old software to 35-40% with Nixxis predictive dialing.

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Ceciphone is an adapted business that was created with a dual purpose; providing an effective and human customer service while allowing people with visual disabilities to work in a suitable environment.. The company is one of the first to explore a new model for contact center agent working at home with a braille tool.

THE CHALLENGE: Find a suitable software.

SOLUTION: The Nixxis solution has enabled Ceciphone to achieve its objective by coupling its call center solution with speech software and a Braille console, an indispensable prerequisite for working with visually impaired people.

RESULTS: Thanks to Nixxis, Ceciphone can hire visually impaired for qualifications sheets, customer surveys, appointment scheduling and loyalty campaigns.

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Intrum Justitia

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Companies are more and more confronted to delays in payments and many persons don’t respect contractual delays. However it seems that business often pay these gaps too much. Credit collection is a key strategic element for the survival of companies.

THE CHALLENGE: Intrum Justitia is a credit collection company specialised in multiple sectors. After the deployment of procedures and increasingly files, the company has to face a huge outbound calls demand.

SOLUTION: After meeting with a Nixxis employee, Intrum Justitia decided to rent a license for outbound calls. A considerable saving in time for agents and files advancement!

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Hospitals Iris South

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Facing the increasing number of incoming calls, much of which should be treated in the emergency room, Hospitals Iris South soon found themselves engorged and with the physical inability to handle these calls.

THE ISSUE: The treatment of all incoming calls

SOLUTION: Iris South Hospitals plan to develop the Nixxis solution to suit all administrative services. Including the integration of Nixxis solution for managing emails, sms, chat systems, or by the use of social networks.

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