Nixxis - Customer case : Axa Assistance

Axa Assistance

Since 1989, Inter Partner Assistance Turkey, with its international experience, has been providing assistance solutions to its corporate customers. An AXA Group entity, with the advantage of more than 25 year experience, Inter Partner Assistance provides assistance solutions on auto, travel, health and home business lines. Inter Partner Assistance also follows the market and developments […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : B-Connected

B Connected

Founded in 1999, B-Connected is a belgian contact center working with Belgian & international clients. Three core principles: “Yes we can” – “Yes we want to”– “Yes we want to do and achieve more” drive the enthusiastic team to a customer oriented approach and investments in technological progress leading to a sustainable growth and success. […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : Giphar groupe

Giphar Groupe

Founded in 1968, Giphar is one of the largest pharmaceutical groups in France. Under the brand Pharmacien Giphar, this leading retail pharmacy chain operates more than 1300 pharmacies. The company is divided into 7 inter-regional and 130 local groups with a total of 400 employees. With focus on enhancing the customer experience, the goal was […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : Intrum

Intrum Justitia

Companies are more and more confronted to delays in payments and many persons don’t respect contractual delays. However it seems that business often pay these gaps too much. Credit collection is a key strategic element for the survival of companies. However the recourse to enterprises specialised in this sector is increasingly common. These companies have […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : Hopitaux Iris Sud

Hospitals Iris South

Health care organizations face a significant number of interactions, some of which are emergencies. This is why we must be able to respond quickly and efficiently. In addition, the evolution of technologies is leading these organizations to deal with more and more interactions with patients through increasingly diverse channels. It is therefore important for this […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : Universal Telecom

Universal Telecom

Telecom service provider are facing some of their most challenging times ahead. Is it in mobile or fixed telephony, internet access or multimedia service provisioning, the waves of consolidations and merger in the telecom business has breathed a number of challenges for those naturally service oriented organizations. And as many telecom companies, Universal telecom based […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : Taxis verts

Taxis verts

Brussels like any other capital in the world is a busy and overcrowded city. Of course such a metropolis requires a good transportation system and even relying on public transport, visitors and residents often choose the services of local dispatching companies. Taxis Verts is one of the companies engaged into passenger transportation business in Brussels. […]

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Nixxis - Customer case : Cap Tel

Cap Tel

It turns out that the most effective way to get answers from consumers still passes through the good old phone. Indeed, many consumers miss out on many online polls or surveys. However as these measures allow firms to better understand their customer base and market, they are an essential barometer to adapt their positioning and […]

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